Le retour de Princesse Mimie

Good Lord! I’ve not been writing here for months I guess. This is because of – no other than – my BORLAZ SYNDROME. No, it’s not even a new virus-caused-disease, it stands for Bored and Lazy Syndrome. To me that abbreviation sounds cooler than its meaning, so better use that to tell how lazy and easily-bored I am as a humanbeing.

Oh now I don’t know from where I should start telling all I’ve been through during this (dire) semester. Dire? Ow yeah! My GPA (again) dropped as I was too much wasting my time for doing nothing than studying for my exams. Even, it dropped drastically, compared to my 1st semester one. Hahaa… I think Mr Hayun, my counselor, would end up grumbling at me again. Sooo sorry Siiiiirr!!!

Lazy me

Lazy me

So, yeah, I don’t wanna think about my last scores, whatsoever, as long as I have passed all those subjects, yet, I failed 1 subject! Hahaaa… And unfortunately, sooo unfortunately, it was Mr Harmita’s Physicochemical Analysis. Oh poor me! I’m sure he would be shouting “Hey, monkey!” at me next year… T_T

Ah, never mind. While I’m in a (pretty) long holiday, I’ll write something beneficial here for the next posts. Actually, this post is just intended to say that I’ll continue writing (in English, insyaAllah) and, you see, nothing can be seen as a useful info whatsoever, hehe…

See y’all on the next stories!


*Udah ah, makin meracau aja neh gw! Cuih!*


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