Ideal is not always practical

On Friday, I got a toothache (which lasted until Sunday, actually). OUCH! Not really bad, though, but to prevent from the worst, I went to Kimia Farma Drug Store with my father to get some medicine. As I’m allergic to many kinds of analgesics, I should be very careful to choose the suitable one for me, unless my eyes would puff up quite badly. Oh, I’m serious!

So far, the only analgesic which is not causing any allergic reactions to me is tramadol (Tramal®).


The clerk then asked my prescription but surely, I didn’t have it. So, she told me they couldn’t give it to me. Yeah, great! Absolutely I understood why they didn’t want to give tramadol to me – I’m studying pharmacy now. LOL.

Ideally, any drug with a special mark on its package (see below)- red circle, black border line, black “K” letter – should be given with doctor’s prescription only. This is not a standard rule, though, it’s valid in Indonesia only. In the United States, the term “prescription drug” is most commonly used, but they are also called Rx-only drugs or legend drugs, while in the United Kingdom, it is referred to as Prescription Only Medicine or POM.

k-letterIt’s a violation to the national law about drug regulatory authorities if a drug store – or even a pharmacist – gives this drug to a patient who doesn’t have any recommendation from his doctor. Yet, that’s what I did! Hehe… (ah, shame on me!)

Hey, don’t get me wrong! I was worried about the pain, which usually could develop fast and severely. Don’t you think it would be a lil’bit complicated if I should see a doctor first and pay him for a sheet of prescription, while it’s even hard for me to think because of that smarting ache? Okay, maybe I shouldn’t seek any justifications for what I’ve committed, but that was an urgent situation.

Perhaps, curious with my purpose about that drug, the clerk asked me again, “You’d use tramadol for what?” I answered, “Toothache.” “Why tramadol?” “Well, I’m allergic to the other analgesics, like Ponstan, mefenamic acid,” I replied. “Ooh… allergy…” she mumbled.

Afterwards, as I had guessed, she agreed to give me my lovely tramadol. Oh yeah! Then, she convinced that I knew how to take the medecine, you know, the dosage, when to take it, etc. I said, I knew it – whereas, I searched on Google about the dosage of tramadol since I totally forgot it, haha…

See, ideal is not always practical. =P

(I wonder what my lecturer would say if she reads all this crap, haha…)


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