7 Languages to Master!

I’m always in love with learning foreign languages! Yet, that doesn’t mean I don’t like my mother language: INDONESIAN!

They say, it’s our light pronounciation that makes Indonesians has “flexible” tongues to master any foreign languages, especially the original pronounciation. So, YAAAY for Bahasa Indonesia!

This is the list of 7 languages I wish to master in my life:

1.  Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

2. English

3. Korean (한국어)

4. French (Français)

5. Arabic (اللغة العربية)

6. Japanese (日本語)

7. Spanish (Español)

Besides those languages, someday I’d also like to be able to speak in some Indonesian local languages, such as Buginese (Bahasa Bugis), Manado malay (Bahasa Manado), Javanese (Kromo inggil one),  and Sundanese.

Oh, and 1 more local language: Catalan! It’s a co-official language spoken in the Spanish autonomous communities of Catalonia, but I just found out that it’s the national and the only official language of Andorra. To me, it’s like a mixed between French and Spanish language. Actually I’ve started to learned it about 2 years ago after getting so into Cesc Fabregas! Hahaha…GIRLS!


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