Making kimbap: First attempt

One night in late December, my sister, my sister’s friend, and I decided to try making one of famous Korean food – Kimbap (김밥).

Since I still had some sheets of laver (김), which was actually bought in July 2010 during my visit to Korea, so we invaded mom’s kitchen and splitted the task ;)

Kimbap is pretty easy to make. Even you could put anything you like into it – literally. Normally, it’s filled by rice, some vegetable, and meat, but once again, just put anything you’d like to enjoy.

The main ingredients

As for us, since it was late at night and limited groceries available, so we used only carrot, cucumber, and pan-fried eggs – we even didn’t have sesame oil ㅋㅋㅋ

Cut and slice the ingredients into desired size.

Lay out a piece of laver on the bamboo mat. Spread the rice and put the rest ingredients on it.

Roll it up

Slowly and gently roll over the bamboo mat end that is closest to you, and keep rolling while pulling back that same bamboo mat edge. Once you’ve started the roll, the roll shape should be maintained. After fully encircling the kimbap filling, give a couple of extra squeezes with your hands to firm up the roll.

Remove the bamboo mat and slice up the kimbap roll.

Clumsy-look kimbap with self-made sauce (sweet soy sauce, salty soy sauce, oyster sauce)

So, here are our very first kimbap! :D

Unfortunately it looked dent as we gave to much pressure on the roll, hahaa

Didn't look appetizing, but luckily tasted nice ;P

Happy eating! ;D



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