Girls’ Day Out!

Yesterday, I had a super great day with some high school mates: Corina, Asti, Fira. It’s been a while for me to hang out and have some chit chat with my girl friends. Even yesterday just passed by with so much pleasure.


Live Music on The Ride

I started the day by taking a bus, Deborah, from Lebak Bulus to Depok. I was gonna attend Job Fair and Scholarship Expo at University of Indonesia with some friends. Alhamdulillah I just had to wait a couple minutes since it came not long after I arrived.

Another pleasure thing: good street musicians! Yeah, street musician is one of the reasons I like to ride on a bus, but one of the reasons I hate it too, hahaa… Thankfully the bus had the great ones yesterday: 2 men singing and playing their guitars. The man who was in charge of singing really amazed me.

Man! He sounded just like Bryan Adams! :D

They played 3 songs: Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting, Vertical Horizon – Best I Ever Had, and another one old collection (I forgot the title track). The vocalist sang it so beautifully that I couldnt stop myself to sing along (with a sheet of tissue covering my mouth XD).


Skipping The Long Lines

I arrived at UI around 10.30 pm and the queue to enter Balairung was tens of meters long. Asti and Fira already suceeded to enter the hall. I hesitated a bit to stand in line since I didnt really have something to see inside, so this was just totally gonna waste my time. I had predicted by the time I reach the ticket box, it would have been at least 12 pm!

I decided to take a look around the bazaar area – the free area – haha… and wondered if I could buy the ticket without taking the long lines. I didnt plan to register for the job fair, though, so why should I trouble myself?

I saw there was a short queue around the bazaar area. I didnt know what it was and just joined the queue. I asked the comittee then about how to get there and wondered if I – who only wanted to see the scholarship expo – could just skip the queue and… get in. He said that it was okay and asked me to show the ticket. Eh?

Yeah, in the end, whatever your bussiness there, you couldnt get in without purchasing the 30-thousand-rupiah ticket which could only get by the joining the damn long queue outside.

Half-heartedly I went back to the long queue area. Eh, but I noticed something strange – there was a short, super short, queue in front of one of the 3 lockets. OK, here’s one now!

In just 5 minutes, I got the ticket! Wohow~ that’s what you call LUCK! Alhamdulillah!

I rushed to the entrance and met Fira and Asti inside. Since they were busy with some applications, I looked around the scholarship expo by myself and got disappointed to know KGSP didnt took part in this event.

Kyaaaa~ gimme back my money~ >.<


Girls’ Day Out!

We met Corina outside to have luch together…in MIPA! Hahaa… not at the campus canteen actually, but at a seafood restaurant. The food took soooo long to be served so we had many times to chat. Yay for girl talk!!!

After dzuhur praying in rektorat, we discussed what to do next, more precisely: where to go next. In the end, we chose Margo City (again, haha) since Asti had never been there before.

We stopped by Berli’s Coffee – my fave coffee shop where you could get nice coffee at rational and affordable price – ordered some drinks and french fries and had a super hilarious girl talk! We talked about everything, mostly “marrige”, hahaa… not our marriage, of course!

As you know, if you are a 20-something girl, people around you – parents and relatives – would ask 2 prime questions:

1) Do you have a boyfriend?

2) When will you get married?

Of course, boys could be asked something like that too, but people put more pressure on girls. Why?

“Karena sudah umurnya.” LOL

We also had much talk about “he-who-must-not-be-named- who looks good on the outside, but rotten not on the inside, very much about the bad sides, haha… but also talked about someone who always leaves good impressions on people around him. Nah, he may never knows about this, kkkk…

Time flied so fast since we’d been in the coffee shop for more that 2 hours. I bet the waiters there had wondered when we would LEAVE! Haha…

Ah, spending quality time with girl friends is always a pleasure. An effective mood-booster indeed.

Kapan-kapan lagi ya, girls! ;D


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