Help the world

God will never leave you.

I believe.

I’ll secretly pray from afar

but will come running when you are down.

So have faith in what you do.

Keep on shining

and make the world proud to have you =)


pic from here


2 thoughts on “Help the world

  1. Well… i´ve just been looking for Sunflowers in Google for a Picture-Design and found this pic. nice what is written there, even if it is not quite real. at least not my reality. tell me something about… this page. could be interesting :) – from Germany

    • mallorina says:

      Thanks for visiting this page.

      About the story above, well… it was actually a secret prayer for a guy for whom I used to have feeling :)
      He was once trapped in a disaster. However, not long after he was rescued, he voluntarily joint the rescue team, helping the rest of the victims.
      So I was proud of him.

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