I’d still look only at you

Just found out this lovely pic. Exactly looks like what I’ve been dreaming of.

It’s really something I would do with my future husband when we grow, you know, quite old.


Spending much time together, far away from people we know

Having a cup of tea or two, talking about the kids

Praising how cute our grandchildren are

Laughing at some silly jokes

Teasing each other as if we were teenagers

Smiling while reminiscing the old memories

Playing chess on a beach

Writing our names on the sand

Splashing water on our faces, getting all wet

Holding hands while watching the sun sets

Looking into each other’s eyes

Feeling that our love is unmistakable

In the night, we’re hoping to stay like this forever

but since we couldn’t, at least may God let us be together

Until our time has come

Until we couldn’t stand on our own feet

Until we have to leave each other, in peace

to meet again in the God promised paradise.


Pic credit: here


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